Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The rest of the house is still being tweaked but, at last, I can show you my bedroom.  I apologize for the poor pictures but I did not have my photographer hat on today.
Hope chest my dad built for me in junior high
The curtains are one of the best purchases I've ever made.  They keep the light out and help with temperature control.  Plus, I got them super cheap when Linens and Things went out of business.

To the right are various receptacles for my jewelry- I keep every day earrings in the green leaf, chunky necklaces in the earthen bowl, etc.
Examples of when I do have my photographer hat on
This is tucked behind the bedroom door
I use every inch of closet space- I miss my walk-in but this is still a HUGE step up from my teeny tiny childhood closet

I'm sure I'll make some other changes in the decor in my bedroom but so far I like it.  One of the best features is the ceiling fan my dad installed.  My landlord's maintenance man is behind and there is no screen on my window so I would roast without the ceiling fan, as I've discovered the limitations of a box air conditioner.  Every home has its glitches though and I can live with mine.


  1. Your apt looks lovely! I was about to comment on your hopechest, and how it looked like something from Pottery Barn. Your dad must be very talented. I'm also jealous of your curtains ... I keep trying different window treatments that promise to help with temp control. So far, I haven't found one that works. :) (Love your blog, btw.)

  2. How fun, decorating! I love it. The hooks on the back of your door with scarves and purses-- thats what I do, too! But your closet is far neater than mine :]

    And YES on the curtains-- I can vouch for that one, as well! Super cute little home you've got!


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