Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm still waiting for the maintenance man to make repairs in the office so it is still a disaster zone.  The kitchen countertop/island is covered in scrapbook supplies (I may reach my 31 Things goal yet!)  The living room is a little out of sorts for other maintenance man-related concerns.  But I realized I still owe you all pictures of my new place.  Today I present you with my bathroom.  It's a bit narrow, making it hard to take any full shots.  Here it is!  (Pictures of my bedroom are here if you missed it.)

Walking in
The picture was an Ikea purchase a few years back.  
No picture of the toilet- I trust you can use your imagination.

The little basket was given to me by Phanutat, the CCS director during my time in Trang, Thailand almost 6 years ago.  It's made out of banana leaves; Phanu surreptitiously bought it one day at a farmers market and then gave it to me on my last day.  Such a sweet memory.  The picture in the frame is from a trip to Maine.  This area of the bathroom makes me think: serenity.
Lots and lots of closet space

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