Thursday, May 27, 2010

31 Things Update

I'm slowly whittling down my list of 31 Things and thought I'd update on what's been accomplished and what's in the works.

1. Visit my brother Matt in Virginia- hopefully slated for the fall
2. Move to Nashville- accomplished this past weekend!
3. Flambe something
4. Read 100 books- last count was 51 books.  I just might outdo myself if I keep this pace.
5. Go to a writing workshop, read a book on writing, etc.- submitted an entry to a writing contest and joined an online writing community
6. Take a horseback riding lesson- Tried to get this set up before I moved but it fell through.  I might have to look for a Nashville option or else fit it in during my next trip home.
7. Go to the Holocaust Museum
8. Eat at one of Rick Bayless' restaurants- done and so delicious!
9. Scrapbook 2007, 2008, and 2009- almost through with 2007 (I actually had to finish a couple of months of 2006 before I could start 2007, too.)
10. Complete Anna and Katelyn's birthday presents
11. Go to Medieval Times - quite the experience
12. See the new Modern exhibit at the Art Institute- loved it!
13. Dance every week -dancing with the kiddos in my life= awesome
14. Update my recipe book - started
15. Buy a new stereo system
16. Reacquaint myself with my Canon Rebel
17. Regularly paint and sketch- Need to do this more often but nonetheless enjoyable when I can make the time.
18. Make next T-shirt blanket
19. Do an intense Spring Clean- I cleared out so much stuff while I was packing, it was ridiculous.
20. Enlarge blog readership for HopefulLeigh - Up to 18 (public and private) followers now.  Click on the tab on the right to Follow and help me reach my goal!
21. Enlarge blog readership for Confessions of a Young-Looking Social Worker - holding steady at 52 right now!
22. Eat at 5 new restaurants- Two down.
23. Get my next tattoo
24. Consult a naturopath- Does an online naturopath count? 
25. Preserve my White Sox 2005 World Series newspapers and memorabilia
26. Buy a new computer printer- Buying plans are on hold as my good friend Kelly gave me her old printer.
27. Be a peacemaker- striving to do better here
28. Bring back Last Minute Dinners - snuck this in before I moved
29. Cook a real meal 2-4 times per month whether or not I'm having company - doing really well on this one, especially with my extra free time now before work starts
30. Find a new small group Bible study- I'm going through Discovery at my new church, which will give me an overview of the ministries, etc.  I'll figure out what I'm going to do after that.
31. Be open to wherever this next year takes me! - Clearly on board with this re: recent move.

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