Sunday, May 2, 2010

#11: Go to Medieval Times

Today I headed to the magic that is Medieval Times with Jill and the Gat.  I may or may not have openly mocked MT in the past but I thought it was one of those things that every self-respecting Illinoisan should do.  And since I won't be an Illinoisan for much longer, it was now or never.  We posed with the king.  We ate large hunks of meat with our hands.  We cheered for the Yellow Knight (and then the Red Knight since he was hot and we needed someone to cheer for once the Yellow Knight was offed.)  I fully embraced the horse show, the fighting, the faux violence.  It was cheese-tastic and I loved every moment.  Yes, I felt somewhat ridiculous amongst those kids and families but at least I had my two pals with me who were equally ridiculous.

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  1. Of course, your two most ridiculous friends were the ones who went with. Yessss!


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