Thursday, April 29, 2010

#8: Eat at a Rick Bayless Restaurant

Today my best friend Erin, her sweet baby Katelyn, and I headed to Xoco, Rick Bayless's latest creation which offers the best of Mexican street food.  Bayless is well-known in the food world but I've never been to any of his restaurants before.  I couldn't leave Illinois without rectifying that little problem!  There was a line to the door but we moved through it pretty quickly. The hostess was great about telling us the approximate wait time and then finding a table for us.  We had to share with 2 other people but no one seemed to mind.  Katelyn made friends with the surrounding tables- no one is immune to her cuteness!

We ordered the chips and guacamole, a great decision.  I could swim in a vat of that guac and be eternally happy.  Even the chips were great- perfectly salted and just crisp enough to hold the guacamole without breaking.  I had the Choriqueso Torta, which had homemade chorizo sausage, roasted poblano, artisan jack cheese, and tomatillo salsa.  It was insanely delicious.  My torta was made in the wood burning oven, while Erin's was made on the griddle.  Erin had the Milanesa Torta with chicken, black beans, artisan Jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, and tomatillo-avocado salsa.  Of course, we tried each others'! Katelyn had to content herself with baby food.  I'm glad she didn't know what she was missing out on. To top off my meal, I had the Aztec Chocolate, which added a little chili.  Mexican hot chocolate is the best!

Xoco was a delightful experience through and through.  I hope to make it to Frontera Grill and Topolobampo some day soon...

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