Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#28: Last Minute Dinners

I was hoping to bring back Last Minute Dinners (in which I send out an email in the morning for a same day meal for whoever is free) tomorrow night but two things happened.  First, Book Club was canceled tonight and rescheduled.  Second, a friend wanted to go out for Indian food tomorrow night.  So instead of sending out an email this morning inviting friends to dinner, last night I called my good friend Jill to see if she and her fiance were free for dinner.  It turns out Jill was free but Landon wasn't.  (His loss!)  Tonight I made Pastor Ryan's version of Pasta alla Carbonara and it was amazing!  I am not overstating the amazingness of this meal.  Jill and I ate plateful after plateful and there is still tons leftover.  It felt nice to cook and be spontaneous (even though I gave Jill 24 hours notice, I'm still counting this as a Last Minute Dinner.  Because the next month is CRAZY.  And because LMD is my invention so I can tweak the "rules" if I want to.)  I also had a nice bottle of wine I've been saving for a special occasion and figured this was a good time to break it out.  Jill and I haven't had one-on-one bonding time in awhile and with me moving and her getting married this summer, I'm not sure when the next time will be.  I'm sure I'll introduce LMD to the Nashville crowd but I'm glad tonight worked out.


  1. Aw. A) So *that's* how that happy/hungry/awkwardly posed picture turned out. Amazing. B) It SO counts as last minute, considering you're moving and I'm planning a wedding and we're both busy with work. So. Counts.
    C) It WAS a lovely, yummy evening. Good food, good wine, good company.


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