Sunday, March 7, 2010

T-shirt Blanket

I crossed #18 off the list a couple of weeks ago but my laptop was out being repaired until yesterday. I am proud to say I finished my latest t-shirt blanket. This is a nice way to hang on to mementos without adding clutter. I've made 2 t-shirt blankets in the past (using high school and then college t-shirts) but this is more of a hodge podge of t-shirts from my life. I have t-shirts from the plays I was in during junior high (go WCGS!), various trips I've been on, young adult group retreats, college homecoming (the only one I ever bought, which was remarkably comfortable), Camp Timberlee, rowing, etc. It's actually a nice way to look back on everything I've done. I don't try to be precise when I'm putting these together, I just sew away.

I cut the t-shirts up and then match up sizes before starting to sew. I also cut out little notions, such as freebie White Sox hats, a tank top I puffy painted for one of our college camping trips, and the like, and then sewed those on free hand or with the sewing machine as embellishments.

Sections waiting to be sewn together

I love using my grandma's sewing machine!
Sometimes I wonder if this is the one she taught me on.

The final product, front and back
It is so warm and cozy!


  1. I have been thinking of doing this with some of Katie's clothes. I loved seeing your take on it - thank you for this post!

  2. This is AWESOME! However do you make one of these?! Can you use the front AND the back of a shirt?
    I would LOVE to make one of these one day.

  3. @Growup318- Thanks! You can definitely use the fronts and backs of shirts. I wrote a tutorial for a blogging buddy that explains how to make one in more detail:


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