Saturday, March 27, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I announced my intention to write a book on Facebook. Because nothing is true until it's declared on FB. My friends and family responded quite favorably, with lots of encouragement. I've thought about writing a book since I was a little kid. I was always writing short stories or poetry. In 8th grade, we were supposed to predict the future of whomever sat behind us and the person in front of me seemed stumped about my future so I told him I wanted to be an author. Presto changeo- at our 8th grade banquet, it was predicted that I would be an author! And yet...I've never really sat down to write a book. I've had false starts over the years, to be sure. I'm always, always coming up with story ideas or tweaking the plot for whatever I'm currently reading. In the last couple of years the urge to write has only grown stronger. It seems inevitable that I should give it an old college try. If I fail, at least I know. Maybe, just maybe I'll come up with something that other people will want to read. By other people, I mean people I'm not related to. There's a writing contest that ends in a few days and I'm hoping I'll have finished my opening scene so I can enter. The synopsis is finished. I'm composing scenes in my head. Now it's time to write.

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