Sunday, February 14, 2010

31 Things Before Turning 31

I was inspired by Michelle My Belle's "'37 Things Before I Turn 38' List," who in turn was inspired by Hula Seventy's "38 Things To Do Before I Turn 39" list. So here's my list of what I'd like to accomplish by next January. There's a couple big might notice a certain Big Decision I've been alluding to. And there's a few easy ones- I don't want to stack the odds against myself. And if you feel like accompanying me or helping me complete any of these, let me know! I'll post updates over the coming months.

1. Visit my brother Matt in Virginia (He's lived there for a few years and I haven't made it out yet. If I want to keep Favorite Sister status, this trip better happen!)
2. Move to Nashville (Nothing has been decided yet so don't ask me when, where I'll live or work, or any of those pesky details. Suffice it to say I am excited and terrified all at once!)
3. Flambé something
4. Read 100 books (I read 80 last year so I'm upping the ante.)
5. Go to a writing workshop, read a book on writing, etc.
6. Take a horseback riding lesson
7. Go to the Holocaust Museum
8. Eat at one of Rick Bayless' restaurants
9. Scrapbook 2007, 2008, and 2009 (I am hopelessly behind.)
10. Complete Anna and Katelyn's birthday presents (This is probably the biggest sewing project I've ever taken on. I hope I can pull it off!)
11. Go to Medieval Times (I've made fun of it for I'm thinking I should see what it's all about.)
12. See the new Modern exhibit at the Art Institute
13. Dance every week (Living room dance party, anyone?)
14. Update my recipe book (Another hopelessly overdue project.)
15. Buy a new stereo system
16. Reacquaint myself with my Canon Rebel
17. Regularly paint and sketch
18. Make next T-shirt blanket
19. Do an intense Spring Clean
20. Enlarge blog readership for HopefulLeigh (That means you! Click on the follower tab to be official. My goal is at least 25 people who are confirmed followers.)
21. Enlarge blog readership for my professional blog (Aiming to get to 50 here.)
22. Eat at 5 new restaurants
23. Get my next tattoo
24. Consult a naturopath
25. Preserve my White Sox 2005 World Series newspapers and memorabilia
26. Buy a new computer printer
27. Be a peacemaker
28. Bring back Last Minute Dinners (Something I did in the past- I sent out an email to friends the morning of with my menu and anyone who was free came over for dinner.)
29. Cook a real meal 2-4 times per month whether or not I'm having company (I LOVE to cook but sometimes it's hard cooking just for myself. Who wants to eat leftovers for a week? Still, I can freeze some, I can take leftovers to my parents. I can do this.)
30. Find a new small group Bible study
31. Be open to wherever this next year takes me!

A few other lists:
amanda's "25 before 25" list
If you have a list of your own, post it in the comments and I'll add it here.


  1. really like this but at 57 l think l might strugglexlynda ( I am an Art Therapist and Artist in UK)

  2. Response from Facebook:
    Kat: i love number 6 the real freedom is when you can fly on a horse! gives me goose bumps I LOVE IT! you go girl!
    Mom: Love your list! I can't wait to see how many you knock off your list--you are so creative & motivated. I'll always be your cheerleader.....
    Tracy: I am trying to help with your following and i think i just became a follower...i think. you are the first blog i am a follower of!
    Donna: i am definitely up for helping you with a few of these. i specifically love #13. dance party anytime my friend. i'll go to medieval times with you too and be available for last minute dinners. :) and i will become an official follower of your blog as soon as I actually post something on our blog. :)
    Jillian: Love it!! Made me want to write my own list, maybe next year. Let me know if you ever need a scrapbook buddy! I love to do it, but don't really enjoy scrappin' alone. ;) And, I of course, would love to accompany you to the modern wing, excellent choice! A must-see. Good luck friend!

  3. leigh! i LOVE your blog! and i absolutely ADORE this list. i went to michelle's page and i am SO INSPIRED by her! AND YOU! i turn 33 in a few weeks...wait, right?...yes, 33...and i am TOTALLY going to do a list like this. does it matter how soon you complete this list? i mean, in theory i could go on and work on it now and then have it ready for my fun! thanks for the inspiration...via michelle...via hula...

    i love your writing style AAAnd that you can write lightly - i am so much more fun than i have appeared to be on my blog lately (especially this week - yowzas!)

    i'm so glad to know you!


  4. Mary Kathryn, thank you so much! I had fun dreaming up this list. My goal is to knock off all 31 things before my birthday in January but we'll see how I do. Whatever I don't accomplish will end up on 32 Things, I suppose. I can't wait to see your list!

    I read your Singleness post so I know you have a lighter side:) That being said, I'm glad you're gracefully tackling a more serious topic this week. I'm trying to strike the right balance between light and serious. I guess that's what all of us bloggers try to do!

  5. Leigh! I'll get my next tattoo when you get your next tattoo! We can go together!


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