Sunday, December 20, 2009


OK, I admit it. One Tree Hill is a guilty pleasure. In my defense, I never consistently watched the show until this year (and not since the first couple of seasons). I'm not admitting this so you can make fun of me but to let you know of a band featured on the show. (Lead singer Mike Grubbs appeared as a bartender who later sneaks into the recording studio and goes to town on the piano. Only on this show!) Wakey! Wakey!. Strange name, I know, but I am in love with the song "Brooklyn."

I hope I see you soon

Cause you’re fond of me and I am fond of you

These days I guess that’s all it takes

That and just a few mistakes

and I have made mistakes

Yes I have made mistakes today…

So tonight I’ll be your Brooklyn

So cool and yet so far away

Just tell me what you want for me to say

And if it brings you home…

I guess it’s safe to say

We both could use this fire escape

Cause I’ve been breathin’ ashes in

And I’ve been waiting for somethin’ to carry you away

Cause i have made mistakes today…

So I hope you travel safe

I hope you’re cool, I hope you find your way

It’s sad, but it is safe to say

We disagree on one to many things

And I have made mistakes today…

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