Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas albums

Last weekend was filled with wonderful Christmas music, both traditional and original. I've been a fan of Sleeping At Last from the beginning (a perk of being friends with the bass player) but it's been a few years since I've caught a show. I was very pleased when they announced a Christmas show in Naperville. My friends and I braved the cold and it was so worth it! Ben Thomas, of So Elated, was the opening act. Anyone who can turn Radiohead's "Creep" in to a Christmas song is worth paying attention to. I was captivated by the song "Zechariah and the Least Expected Places," which you can listen to on MySpace. Thomas played many songs from their Christmas album "The Bewildering Light" and of course I bought it after the show. But you, lucky reader, can download it for free by forwarding it to 5 friends. Completely worth it!

Sleeping At Last is also kindly offering their Christmas CD as a free download. Click here to listen and upload. "O Holy Night" has always been my favorite Christmas song. I was blown away by Ryan's rendition- his voice is perfect for this!

Over the Rhine is celebrating 20 years of making music together. They put on a regular Christmas show but last Saturday was the first one I've been to. Their Christmas music is amazing! (Of course, if you know anything about OTR, this is not surprising.) Linford and Karen's lyrics pierce my heart every time. The show flew by and before I knew it, they were back for an encore. I highly recommend "Snow Angels" or their other Christmas album. Sample lyrics: "Strings of lights above the bed, Curtains drawn and a glass of red, All I ever get for Christmas is blue." OTR helpfully post a record player on their website so you can listen for yourself. The video quality below is terrible but you must listen to "Snow Angels." Enjoy!

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