Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bow-tique Gift Idea

Last time my best friend came to visit we headed to a posh kids boutique in a nearby town. She and our other friend/new mom pored over the headbands, tutus, and baby high many options, so little time before they'll outgrow it all. One thing that caught Tracy's eye especially was a plaque that allowed you to clip hairbows to the ribbons hanging from it. It was out of her price range but, as I looked at it, I thought "I could do that!" And so this year's Christmas gift for Anna and Katelyn was born.

It helps to have a dad as a carpenter. I found a decent piece of wood in his work shop, which he cut to my specification and then drilled holes for the hanger. He then coated it with a sealant so I could paint on top. (I would have done this myself but I was still in work clothes and he's just a great dad.) I let it dry overnight. Then I mixed acrylic paint to come up with a soft yellow for the base. Once that was dry, I painted "Anna's/Katelyn's Bow-tique" and then added filigree and flowers along the edges. I asked both mom's ahead of time for the room colors or what colors they preferred for their daughters to guide my flower and ribbon color choices. It didn't turn out quite as envisioned but I still like the final result.
After the paint was dry, I threaded ribbon through the top holes to form a hanger and triple knotted it. I then used wood glue to attach 15" ribbons. And voila...both of my favorite girls have a place to hang their hair bows. I also included 2 wave clips that they can use to hold headbands.

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