Thursday, August 27, 2009

An amazing lunch at Pockets

RN Beth and I ended up at a visit together this morning and decided we would need to stop for lunch before we could even think about seeing another patient. We both had to head in the same direction so we thought we'd eat at the Panera on Orchard Road in Aurora. The parking lot was packed when we got there, leading us to park on the opposite side. And that is when fate intervened. This particular Panera is located in a strip mall where another eating establishment happens to be: Pockets. The manager was sitting outside of Pockets as we passed and offered us copies of their Delivery Menu. Then he asked if we'd ever eaten there before. When he heard we hadn't, he gave us three reasons why we should stop by: 1) it's closer to our parked cars so we would have less of a walk back 2) the food is better than the place where we were headed and 3) he would give us a discount. Needless to say, his sales pitch was successful, for which I'm glad.

The moment I saw the menu, I knew I had metaphorically come home. My eyes beelined toward the Greek Calzone with feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and black olives, served with ranch dressing. Sold! The Pockets were also tempting. A Pocket is a freshly-baked multigrain bread pulled fresh from the oven, stuffed with your choice of vegetables, meats, and cheeses, and then served with dressing on the side. There are so many great options! The ingredients are all fresh and everything is baked once you order it. The calzones take about 15 minutes, I'm not sure about the Pockets. Still, I went with the Greek Calzone and Beth ordered the BBQ Chicken Calzone. While we were waiting, they brought some complimentary Dip Sticks (their delicious version of bread sticks with ranch dressing and pizza sauce.) Just when I couldn't be any happier, my calzone arrived and I knew I was in food heaven. The portion is huge so I just ate half and am looking forward to the leftovers for dinner.

You don't have to go all the way to Aurora to experience Pockets (although I was blown away by the customer service at this particular location.) They have Pockets in Naperville, Lombard, and quite a few throughout Chicago. Don't want to leave home? Call in your order or send it in on-line and they'll deliver it to you. Happy eating!

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